Dr. Paul Saiz – Tantalum and Its Use in Medical Care

Based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Paul Saiz, MD, serves as the owner of Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates and treats patients as an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. At his facility, Dr. Paul Saiz utilizes the benefits of tantalum and uses it in his procedures.

Although considered rare, tantalum is the 50th most common element in the Earth’s crust. Mostly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Australia, this gray-blue metal has found use in modern electronic devices. Most cell phones contain approximately 40 milligrams of tantalum, and more than 2.5 million kilograms of the mateial are used annually.

Recently, doctors have begun to recognize the benefits involved with using tantalum in medical care. Due to its ductility, durability, and flexibility; tantalum possesses unique features that make it advantageous for spine surgery, permanent bone implants, and cranial defect repairs. The porous quality of tantalum creates an environment that allows for bone growth and attachment. A 50-micrometer layer of metal can provide rigidity to implants. Moreover, tantalum does not interfere with MRI once implanted and will not set off the alarm at the airport.

About Paul Saiz MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. President of Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates Supporter of CFC club soccer teams & Team Physician New Mexico State University
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