2015 New Mexico Workers Comp Annual Meeting

The 2015 Annual New Mexico Workers Comp meeting took place at the Ysleta resort in Albuquerque on May 13-15th. I was given an opportunity to discuss causation issues re: neck pain on May 14th. My talk titled “Neck pain in the work environment” discussed workers comp issues in regards to chronic and acute pain and addressing causation.

The concepts of temporal relationships, dose response and mechanistic plausibility were discussed. A literature review was also presented.

The Workers Comp talks and conference allows for meaningful interaction between MD’s, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Physical Therapists and Nurses; regarding Workers Comp injuries. The sharing of information on best practices & methodology allows for better coordinated care of the injured worker.

Paul Saiz, MD

About Paul Saiz MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. President of Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates Supporter of CFC club soccer teams & Team Physician New Mexico State University
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