Paul Saiz, MD: Spine Surgery Options for Back Pain

Back pain is recognized as the second-most common neurological disorder in the United States, with nearly $50 billion spent each year in an effort to treat the condition. Paul Saiz, MD, a physician at Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates and the only physician in the state who is board certified in spine surgery, has been treating patients who suffer from back pain for more than a decade. Read here about three different types of spine surgery that can be used to treat back pain.

Fusion – A spinal fusion is performed to help stop pain generated from motion at degenerative vertebrae. This procedure in essence “welds” together the painful vertebrae so that they are reconciled into one solid bone. Depending on the situation, a spinal fusion may be performed in conjunction with a laminectomy to promote stability within the spine.

Laminectomy – A laminectomy is the process of completely removing anatomy such as bone, discs, or ligaments to address the issue of pinched nerves. This procedure helps to open up the area surrounding the nerves and relieves pressure on the spinal cord or individual nerves.

Laminotomy – Similar to a laminectomy, this procedure also helps to relieve the pressure on the nerves. However, in this instance, there is only a partial removal of any bone, discs, or ligaments; as opposed to a complete removal with a laminectomy.

About Paul Saiz MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. President of Las Cruces Orthopedic Associates Supporter of CFC club soccer teams & Team Physician New Mexico State University
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